Ridgecrest Wills & Trusts have designed the most straightforward process to enable you and your clients to achieve your objectives. 

  • The journey starts with the lawyers getting to know your client and their circumstances. This couldn’t be easier; simply click THE BIG BUTTON to upload some basic client information and they’ll do the rest! 
  • The lawyer will contact your client, at a mutually convenient time, and go through the SJP Will Questionnaire with them (unless you’ve chosen to do this yourself, in which case you can attach it anyway and the lawyer will confirm the content with your client during their phone call)
  • As it happens, you will receive an introducer’s fee of £70 either way, unless you elect to waive it in favour of The SJP Charitable Foundation (whereupon, of course, it will be doubled to £140!)

What happens next?

  • After the phone call between the lawyer and your client, the client will receive the lawyer’s ‘Engagement Letter’ and ‘Terms of Business’ setting out the costs involved, summarising the work to be done and introducing the client to the option of storing their documents with the lawyer. Assuming this is all in order, your client will then pay the agreed fee and the draft documents will be produced within seven days and sent to them
  • Again, assuming that your client approves the drafts (or advises of any necessary amendments) the formal, final documents are prepared and sent to the client for signing, along with details of their storage options
  • The client returns the signed documents to the lawyer so that they may be checked for validity, including testator’s and witnesses’ signatures, and ensuring that the witnesses are not named beneficiaries under the Will. LPAs will also be checked to ensure all the relevant sections have been completed correctly and that they have been executed in the correct manner 
  • The documents will be scanned and either stored (whereupon a copy will be returned to the client) or returned to the client. You, the adviser, will also receive a copy of the Will (if the client wishes that this should be the case)

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